The Studio 

​Our recording facility is designed for both session work and student growth.

At White Key Studios we think it's crucial to reward hard work. 
Our recording studio is a key component in motivating progress. The appeal to be able to work hard, practice and have something to show for it keeps students engaged and excitable.

We include "Progress Demos" (at no additional charge) to our students taking monthly music lessons.
Every 6 months and 1 year students get the opportunity to professionally record demos showcasing what they have learned through their music lessons.

The studio time offers an incentive to be able to experience what goes into making an album and allows tracking of progress
to be enjoyed by all. 

Our recording facility is meant to be put to good use.
Far too often bands are faced with demo'ing on their own laptop while sacrificing quality or artistic expression because of budgetary restraints.

We've experienced first hand the generosity of like minded musicians through the years and we finally have the opportunity
to pay it forward.

Recording packages are based on a sliding scale and determined on a case by case basis. People believed in us enough to bring life to the vision for this studio, we believe enough in others to help them
get heard.

Inquire within for details on session packages. 
(854) 999-1429