An old mentor once said "You'll never see a soccer ball in a nursing home, but you always see a piano." 

It struck a chord, no pun intended. Once music is introduced it stays with you for life.
Our job is to build the foundation for a lifelong appreciation for the art...

garage band practice
​We are a proud family run company that is driven by a deep seeded passion for music and its importance in the community. With years of music experience, ranging from fronting a nationally touring band to directing a music school in Southern California, real world experiences and enthusiasm have built the foundation for this endeavor. Family and friends have given endless support and help in executing the launch of our own vision. Even Great Grandma got in on the action, using the same hands that once taught young Ryan to play piano, she helped paint walls of our very own White Key Studios.

We are thrilled to have this opportunity and look forward to making some noise in Charleston!


At White Key Studios we strive to have students enthusiastic about coming to lessons and motivated in practicing on their own time. We offer lessons to people of any age, any experience level and any musical style.
Additionally, we've incorporated an open space music lab and recording studio for students to rehearse, collaborate, practice and further learning while benefiting from their peers and progress. We host open mic's and organize live performance opportunities while fostering a positive atmosphere for creativity to flow and skill to shine in a collective atmosphere. We created this house of music to build a community of musicality. 

We implore students to take music instruction beyond the single lesson because there is so much more to music than the fundamentals.