Exterior photo of White Key Studios
Exterior photo of White Key Studios
Exterior photo of White Key Studios

Why Do We Stand Out?

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About Us 

An old mentor once said
"You'll never see a soccer ball in a nursing home, but you always see a piano."

It struck a chord, no pun intended. Once music is introduced it stays with you for life. Our job is to build the foundation for a lifelong appreciation of the art...
Music education is like teaching universal communication.  Whether a 45 minute lesson, a songwriting class that teaches to emote lyrically or a jam band lesson that inspires teamwork and comradery the most magical aspect of music is connection.
We are a White Key Studios community, where music education goes beyond the single lesson.
At White Key Studios our recording facility works to offer reasonable session rates to bands and artists. as well as, enhances our student's learning experience.  

Our studio was designed by a musician, for musicians.  
  1. Guitar Tuning
  2. voice recording
  3. Piano lessons
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Child Singing Lesson
Our Mission
At White Key Studios we firmly believe that the lesson is only one component of music education.
Beginning with instruction, we believe students of music should be wildly inspired.
We are a unique school of music that encourages creativity and emphasizes fun in learning while connecting theory and rudiments. 
Our studio is designed to go beyond the music lesson and make learning an experience.